by Arbi Barbarona

24-31 October 2020

Starts streaming on 24 October, Saturday, 420pm


by Anj Macalanda

17-24 October 2020

Starts streaming on 17 October, Saturday, 420pm

from dust...

We started working in our film WALANG KASARIAN ANG DIGMANG BAYAN (The Revolution Knows no Gender) in 2019. Our first shooting day was on 30 June 2020 in Marikina City during the LGBTQIA+ Pride March. Our rag tag group was composed of Oliver Aquino, Hubert Tibi, Manual Garcellano, Jay Altarejos, Arnold Reyes. We covered the event and shot some scenes.

Then, we grew into a full production when the script had its shape already while at the Ricky Lee Film Script Writing Workshop. Other collaborators came in. And a lot of things happen.

We are screenings our films, having live online discussions on immediate social and political issues, we empower others in anyway we can.

We dream and strive for a better Philippines where equality, social justice, and national democracy prevail.

- Jay Altarejos 10April2020

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