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Social consciousness is class consciousness

From pioneering the digital age of New Queer Cinema in the Philippines with his internationally awarded films such as Tale of the Lost Boys (2017), Unfriend (2014), Kasal-The Commitment (2014), The Game of Juan’s Life (2009), Antonio’s Secret (2010) – Joselito Altarejos very recently turned his advocacies and creative pursuits in highlighting the national democratic ideals and struggles of the Filipino masses by infusing them to his upcoming films. Currently in production, Walang Kasarian ang Digmang Bayan (The Revolution Knows No Gender) will be Altarejos’ contribution to the continuing saga of his countrymen against tyranny and sociopolitical oppressions. With his newly formed production, 2076Kolektib, his ultimate goal is to create and produce multimedia contents that will arouse, educate, and inspire his audiences to become more vigilant and conscious of the social issues and challenges they face in the age of yet another strongman rule. In the true spirit of independent filmmaking, Altarejos’ decades of experience and continued quest to acquiring more profound knowledge and creative enrichment is geared towards marshaling the sentient and jolting the uninformed – while still very much adhered to forming the Brockanian concept of the Great Filipino Audience.

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Altarejos, a native of Masbate, had formative years in theater and television. He is then commonly referred to as Jay Altarejos before he was given the grand opportunity to become a filmmaker himself in 2007. His auteurist signature has always been hinged to embracing his celebrated personality as a social provocateur, and his brand of directing is more leaning towards ultra-realism rather than impressionism. A reinvigorated student of film both under the mentorship of Armando Lao and Ricardo Lee, Altarejos carefully utilizes all his learning tools and secures them in creating what he advocates as Cinema of the Social Consciousness.    

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Walang Kasarian ang Digmang Bayan

(The Revoultion Knows No Gender) – unreleased

Toxic Love - unreleased

Memories of Forgetting - (2021)

Jino to Marī (Gino and Marie) – 2019

Tale of the Lost Boys – 2017

TPO (Temporary Protection Order) – 2016

Kasal (The Commitment) – 2014

Unfriend – 2014

Pink Halo-Halo – 2010

Ang Laro sa Buhay ni Juan (The Game of Juan’s Life) – 2009

Ang Lihim ni Antonio (Antonio’s Secret) – 2008

Ang Lalake sa Parola (The Man in the Lighthouse) – 2007    

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