Balangaw (series)

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Saturdays, 9PM

Eight colorful and diverse people bonded together, each individually locked down during the pandemic, will go through individual challenges while still trying to help resolve one another’s predicament. Life as they know it will never be the same. But as each goes along traversing their own rainbows, they will gather that the only way to move along is staying and surviving together no matter how tough are the odds.


Created by Jay Altarejos

Co-Producers :                                      

Edith Fider (Artcore Productions)

Pete Mariano (CreativeTech Productions)

JN Salva (Manifest Productions)


Production Staff:                                                                 

Archie del Mundo, Manuel Garcellano, Josh Mercado, Tadsky Obach, Maje



KAREN (Karen Toyoshima) - a lesbian actress who has been working steadily for years at ABS-CBN as a noncontract player. Although, she has a longtime partner, Rox, she believes that having a child of her own will give her a profound sense of responsibility and purpose. Artificial insemination is the way to go, and she does not believe in crossing the line of her sexual orientation just for her to be pregnant given all the available options.  She is best friend to Jal, another ABS-CBN bit actor, a bisexual; and Tads, another actor, an asexual. After depleting her savings to undergo in vitro fertilization, ABS-CBN has been shutdown, and the lockdown due to COVID-219 ensured – she is now under great duress for being pregnant without good prospects for the future.

JAL (Jal Galang)– a struggling bisexual actor who has also recently been affected by the network shutdown. He is the sperm donor to Chai’s fertilization procedures, and now equally anxious about embracing co-parenting responsibilities with Chai. He was abandoned as a child by both parents; making him cling to every person he is involved with.

JAY (Jay Altarejos) – a sociopolitical conscious filmmaker whose recent transition from popular LGBT films to staunchly political protest films has made him a controversial public figure of late. His no-holds barred opinions made him a target of contention by other filmmakers and producers, greatly affecting his creative pursuits and his ability to earn a viable living. 

RAP (Rap Robes) – an up and coming actor presently being groomed to become a leading man in commercial movies. Unbeknownst to the public, he is gay and currently in a relationship with CJ, a dancer and digital content creator from Cebu. He has no choice but to stay at Jay’s apartment during the lockdown.  

CJ (CJ Barinaga) -  a theater actor from Dipolog and digital content creator, he has just experienced his first gay relationship with Rap whom he met at an acting workshop in Manila months before. Vulnerable and inexperienced, CJ depends on Rap’s “mentorship”

MELA (Mela Habijan) -  a former television personality who has shifted her priorities to trans right activism. She’s also planning her next election campaigns having been the first trans person to run for public office in history. Currently, she is in a relationship with CJ, who identifies as a straight cis man. 

MAC (Mac Mendoza) – a actor/real estate agent born to a wealthy political family. When the news about his relationship with a trans woman becomes known to his conservative family, he thinks he needs to convince them and Mela, his gf, that real love goes beyond label and SOGIE. 

TADS (Tadsky Obach) – an actor who identifies as “asexual.” It is always his goal to break the stereotypes and myths about asexual people. They are just as normal and healthy as everyone else. They love, they desire, and they are also for romance whenever the right moment and person come along. Sex is just usually not part of them. He identifies as biromantic asexual. He is not actively attracted to partnered sex, but romantically attracted to both males and females. In the group, he is equally the common source of funny stuff and the go-to-guy when someone needs someone to talk to in confidence. 

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